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Vicki BrownI am very proud and honored to consider Shiela Martina a friend, and I respect her determination and personal convictions. Her book "Order in the Body" is a heart warming gift. For single adults who desire a romantic relationship, "Order in the Body" reminds them of what is truly important in life, and how to patiently and prayerfully wait for God’s will. On the other end of the spectrum, married couples sometimes find themselves growing too comfortable and complacent with each other and God, forgetting to allow Him to lead them in every aspect of their daily lives. Order in the Body encourages readers to let God be in control of every facet of life.2017-10-04 15:34:41
Dorothy SkolandHannah and Dexter are back in a very exciting adventure as History Champions to our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Having proved themselves with White House trivia, Hannah and Dexter each have other goals in mind during their visit. Dexter has only one thing on his mind—meet President Obama, himself. Hannah, on the other hand, was entertaining thoughts of the high fashion world of Mrs. Michelle Obama. Are you smarter than a History Champion? If not, Hannah and Dexter can assist you with all the White House trivia you might need as they answer Mrs. Obama’s questions. The text is peppered with maps, flags and other photos and a trivia list is found at the end of the book. Oh, yes, Hannah has her reward as Mrs. Obama, “dressed in her iconic sleeveless dress and vintage pearls gives the History Champions their personal White House tour. Just as Dexter is about to give up hope of seeing his wish fulfilled, President Barak Obama joins the head table as the final dinner guest and is seated right next to Dexter. A very delightful and informative story.2017-10-04 07:58:15
Chemist CI attended your book signing for Order in the Body this past weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the book reviews given by those in attendance. Thank you for allowing us to celebrate with you. You and Mrs. Monroe exemplified ord2017-10-01 18:41:37